REVIEW / Xbox One X


With all the buzz around the 4k market this holiday season, there are two options in terms of console gaming in 4k. You have the PlayStation 4 pro which has some games in native 4k, but most in “fake” 4k and now you have the Xbox One X which has almost all games that are supported in true 4k. The main difference in the two consoles in terms of hardware is the 4k blu ray drive that is included in the Xbox One X. This is a huge factor for those trying to get the most out of their consoles in terms of a full 4k experience. Within this review I will talk mainly about my experience with the Xbox One X these past few weeks.


Converting to the Xbox One X from S

When I first got the Xbox One X I thought maybe there would be about an hours worth of updating the console and setting up the games. Microsoft really outdid themselves in terms if transferring from one system to the next iteration. I had previously downloaded all the 4k assets to games I wanted to play on my X on my Xbox One S. This means that when i got the X, I downloaded a quick update to console and was good to go. I had the majority of my games on the external drive and was playing Gears of War 4 in seconds. There is a lot that can be learned from how Microsoft handled the conversion process to the Xbox One X.


4k Movies on the X

The 4k Blu Ray drive is one the main differentiating factors for the Xbox One X from their competitors. It makes for a true all in one experience. When Blu Rays were a relatively new thing, Planet Earth was the major attraction to those looking to be amazed. This time around we have Planet Earth 2 in 4k and it is truly amazing. At times it feels as if you’re watching a really good Pixar film. Other times it messes with your head a bit just because of how good it looks. The 4k Blu Ray drive is something that should not be looked past when considering buying the Xbox One X. If you don’t really enjoy movies that much, I recommend you at least buy one of your favorites in 4k to try it out.


4k Streaming Apps

Another aspect of the console one should consider is the apps that may be used to stream in 4k. Netflix is one of the major streaming services with a 4k package available at the moment. Watching some of the loved Netflix new releases in 4k has been an amazing feature and well worth the monthly cost. With other apps out there streaming in 4k, there is sure to be more of a 4k presence when it comes to streaming in 2018. The biggest of all will be an updated YouTube app.


Gaming on the X

X gonna give it to ya. Thats right. The power of the Xbox One X is truly DMX quote worthy. Gaming on the X is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my gaming career. The ability to run games in 4K in my living room is amazing. I’ve now played Halo 5, Gears 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Call of Duty WWII all Xbox One X enhanced. Being able to play games in 4k has been absolutely breathtaking and is something all gamers should experience.

The X isn’t just for those with 4k tv’s though. I have spent a lot of time playing my Xbox One X on my 1080P monitor at my desk while streaming or making let’s play videos. It is a major improvement while playing at 1080p as well. While playing Fortnite’s Battle Royale game mode, I found that I load into my matches about 8 seconds quicker than most other people I play with (not on an X). This shows that most games will see some sort of improvement in terms of load times. Graphically I have noticed some improvements when it comes to some games that are not Xbox One X enhanced at all.


Overall Impressions

At $500 USD the Xbox One X is a steal if you’re looking for a 4k solution to gaming. Ask any PC gamer to build you a PC that can play games in 4k at this price and they’ll laugh at you. It not only is a great living room 4k console, it is also the smallest console to date. This says a lot. The Xbox One X runs cool and quiet while performing better than any of its competitors. Not only is it currently the best way to play console games today, it also doubles as a great entertainment center component with the 4k Blu Ray support. While the Xbox One X is technically the best console to play games on, I think it’d be best to wait for those that won’t be able to utilize its full 4k potential.



Big Bang for your Buck
  • 9/10
    Movies - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Gaming - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10


The Xbox One X is unlike anything that has come before. It’s slender design and power puts the console market in a completely new place. To be able to play most games in true 4K for under $500 is great and should not be looked over by consumers when considering the upgrade.