Overwatch releases new League themed skins


With the first season of the professional gaming Overwatch League starting on Wednesday, Blizzard has released new skins into the game for players to show support for their favorite team (or teams).

All 26 heroes in the game have received 12 skins each, one for each team, so no matter your main you can rock your team’s colors. Personally, I am a Tracer main and I have to say the Dallas Fuel skin I got for her looks good. Each skin looks and feels like a team’s home jersey you would see on a professional sports team, making Overwatch League feel like the real deal.

To buy the new skins, a new currency has been added to the game called League Tokens which can be bought via microtransactions. While your first skin is free if you sign into the game by February 13th, any following skins will cost 100 League Tokens. This is fine and dandy until you realize that 100 tokens costs $5 to purchase, unless you decide to shell out $100 for enough tokens to buy a certain teams skin for all 26 heroes. Typical ridiculous microtransactions that you would normally see in a cell phone game.

While I am not impressed with the pricing on the tokens, these are 100% cosmetic which is the best way to do microtransactions. Completely voluntary and have no impact on the gameplay of the game. Also, 50% of the profits from the tokens go on to support the team that you choose to rep, so if you are a fan of esports this is a good way to support the Overwatch League.

First game of Overwatch League starts at 7 PM Eastern with the San Francisco Shock taking on the Los Angeles Valiant.

If you want to see a preview of how each skin looks on your favorite hero you can either see it in game or go to Gamespot’s article where they took a screenshot of each hero in every skin HERE.

To check out the different teams, schedule, and any other Overwatch League information you can visit the official website HERE.