SEGA Slots hits mobile


SEGA, a name that’s absolutely rooted in gaming history, has been making its way into the mobile market for a while now. With this in mind, they have just released SEGA Slots globally (in all countries bar mainland China, Korea and Japan) to your IOS or Android device. If you love SEGA and happen to enjoy spinnin’ the reels this might be something that will float your proverbial boat.

SEGA Slots is a progression-based casino app which harkens back to SEGA’s inception in the 1950s as a producer of stand-alone slot machines. This title also features some of the most memorable characters from the gaming giant’s history.

SEGA Slots currently features eight unlockable machines featuring vibrant graphics and fun-packed gameplay. You will also be re-introduced to characters from some of SEGA’s most memorable games, including Shinobi, Golden Axe, Super Monkey Ball and of course Sonic the Hedgehog. Speaking of the last two games in that list, there are two bonus games to get you away from the slot spinning action for a little while. Help Sonic rescue his friends and earn huge payouts along the way or enter Super Monkey Ball Slot ‘s multiplayer mode to win banana bonuses.

We can expect to see more machines appearing in regular updates so there’s plenty in the works to keep things fresh and interesting. This title is available to download for free with in-app purchases so you aren’t really going to be losing anything but some of your time by giving Sega Slots a bit of a try. As a little by-line from me, regardless of this being awesome (which of course it all clearly is), this game is still simulating gambling, so parents with youngun’s might want to check it out before letting smaller players give it a go. Betting is fun as long as it’s done responsibly and all that. With this being said, you know where to look if you’re craving a bit of casino fun.