TVGB ViveStream looks to the future with Life of Lon


Worry not; you haven’t missed anything, and the ViveStream isn’t going anywhere. But as much as I’ve enjoyed streaming this show live for you, viewers will know that I’ve run into a lot of technical problems. This is the nature of being an early adopter, and of trying to run a VR stream by oneself. The live nature of the show meant that I often couldn’t tell when things went wrong until it was too late, and sometimes games wouldn’t cooperate. So, from this day forth, the TVGB ViveStream will no longer be streaming on Twitch.

Instead, I’ll be uploading pre-recorded videos directly to YouTube. I promise this will make for a much better show. It’s already been helpful, as technical difficulties meant that the episode I had planned for this week is not ready. In the future, episodes will still be posted every other Wednesday, and still will show up right here on the site. Please enjoy the first episode of the new and improved TVGB ViveStream, where I dig into the first chapter of Life of Lon, a game I previously wrote about after trying an early demo at ValorCon.