Mutant Football League crashes onto console


As a general rule, I don’t go for sports games. This has nothing to do with not liking the concept; I just don’t particularly follow sport. I think this has a certain amount to do with evil flashbacks of my gangle, milky white legs feebly limping around my school playing field for 45 minutes a week. Not being at all athletic sort of puts you off a little bit. What I do like is a good bit of senseless violence. Now, nearly killing your opponent in an ordinary game of rugby (let’s remember I’m British, virtually the same game as American Football without the armour) is probably frowned upon. Nearly killing your opponent in a game like Mutant Football League is virtually mandatory and therefore instantly far more appealing than say … one of the John Madden series of games. “Alex, what are you rambling on about this time?” Well you see, Mutant Football League, a favourite of mine from the old Genesis/Megadrive days, has just been rebooted and hit console. To be honest, I couldn’t be happier.

Available in digital format for $19.99 on your respective Xbox One and PS4 stores, Mutant Football League is loaded with guts, gore, and humour that would make even Dave Chappelle blush. Choose from a total of eighteen teams comprised of an array of miscreant races, from skeletons to orcs to mutant humans, and face off in deep, strategic 7 – 7 gameplay. If you’re looking to play in the spirit of fairness, you’ll be looking in the wrong place. To win at this game, you’ll need to be doing everything from bribing the ref to chucking bombs about the place. If you have your wits about you, you might even get your team to the Mayhem Bowl in one piece. The game also supports two-player online and local play for up to four players if you get sick of thrashing (or getting thrashed by) the CPU and want to have a go at your mates.

In MFL, literally everything is out to get you. If the opposing players don’t manage to do your team in, you have the fans to worry about, and I’m not just referring to those following the opposing team. The stadiums aren’t a great deal more friendly, being trapped with everything from landmines and buzz saws to lava flows and toxic mist.

Legendary voice over artist Tim Kitzrow (NBA Jam) will be offering his vocal talents as your commentator. What is a good clean game of anything without comments about soft balls, shotgun hits and decapitation protocol? Well, you aren’t expecting your skull splitting to be serious, now are you? In a marvelously old school twist, Brian Schmidt, remembered for his work on classic games such as Crue Ball, Madden 93 – 96 and Jungle Strike will be providing sound design and ferocious rock-driven music tracks, along with a bunch of Indie bands perfectly fitting for the on-screen mayhem.

Thanks to our community and a stellar dev team you can now play MFL on console – where it belongs! The game delivers a new experience of fun, arcade style football action for a new generation of gamers, while retaining the spirit of the original game,” said Michael Mendheim, Creative Director.

Support from die-hard fans of the 1993┬áSega Genesis original game resulted in a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete MFL‘s development. Thanks to this support the campaign reached its pledge goal in just four days, oddly receiving its funding goals on none other than Super Bowl Sunday.

I very fondly rememember the original MFL and can’t wait to get my mitts on a copy of this little beauty. If, like me, you fancy a bit of nostalgic bloodshed, you might want to do the same. If on the other hand you aren’t old enough to have gotten this on the Genesis and really enjoy a few globs of gore, this looks like a very promising option for you. If it’s anything as enjoyable as the original, this title is going to do very well indeed.