Fortnite 2.4 Update is live with new minigun!

Fortnite MiniGunFortnite 2.4 Update

Introducing the Minigun!

Epic Games has just released the new Fortnite 2.4.0 Update, complete with new minigun and a few other treats! The light-ammo minigun can be found in supply drops and chests in the online Battle Royale. The minigun fires at about the same pace as the SMG but allows for a longer shooting time. This addition should mix things up for you if you have been spending a lot of time in the limited edition Sniper Shootout mode, which is now over. It may soon have a successor, though.

Players will notice an Battle Royale quest referring to something called ‘Blitz mode’. Epic has written in the patch notes that this game mode is not available yet. They also intend to remove the Blitz quest from players task boards.

A few other changes in this update include an option to toggle off the auto-run feature, new items to the item shop (including a shark pickaxe), and a reduction in how often the high-rarity suppressed pistols show up. Sorry pistol fans, you’re going to have to search a lot harder to find it now. Check out the Fortnite 2.4.0 patch notes here for a complete list of all changes!


Known Bug Issues

However, with this new update a few bugs have occurred. More significantly, console players are encountering a resolution issue that stretches the game incorrectly, causing it to exceed the bounds of the screen. Shortly after the patch went live, Epic Games made a post on Reddit confirming they were aware of the errors and were working to correct them as soon as possible. Epic writes, “Fixing this is a priority for us.” There is no confirmation on a fix date yet, but be aware that not all console players have experienced this glitch. Download the update soon! Make sure you login ASAP, as players have access to a handful of freebies as an apology for the downtime.

Fortnite 2.4 Update