Dying Light drops Valentine’s Day event, new Content Pack


As a rule, unless you’re some sort of sicko, zombies probably don’t make you feel particularly amorous. Techland is trying to change that with their community event “Undying Love.” From now until February 18th, Dying Light players have the chance to help the community complete 1,000,000 total quests in co-op. Once this goal has been reached, players will receive a sweet crossbow and buggy skin to show off just how lovey-dovey you can be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies enjoying a drive-in movie together. Now I’ve seen everything.

This is a Valentine’s event after all, and so players will also be receiving the third of ten total free DLC coming before the end of summer. This Content Drop #3 includes three new characters, all of whom are ruggedly handsome survival-types armed to the teeth and ready to kick ass.

I don’t know any 42 year olds who look quite that good

Does this mean that the graphic and brutal nature of the game will be turned down because of this event? OF COURSE NOT! What better way to show your co-op partners that you love them than by slaughtering zombies together? This is a time to make the most out of Techland’s lovely little zombie massacre simulator, since lord knows none of us would ever make it as far as these guys did.

If this all sounds a little too good to be true, check out the video Techland released on the subject. It’s appropriately goofy, but still keeps that Dying Light sense of utter devastation and doom.