Total War Rome II getting new Desert Kingdoms content pack


Total War is known for their expansive, sprawling overworld and staggeringly large battles. Rome II is, of course, no exception. Until now it has not included several territories of the sprawling Roman Empire at its height. Finally, on March 8th, you’ll be able to play one of four new factions from the broader context of one of the greatest empires of all time: The Kush, Saba, Nabatea, and Masaesyli.

It never ceases to amaze me how huge these battles can be

These are complete new factions, with new unit, building, and tech rosters. Not only that, but the release of this DLC will coincide with an update to the base game. This update will, in effect, introduce female characters into the game. Cleopatra, Teuta, and many others will be available for anyone with the base game on March 8th.

I wish I was half as jacked as this woman

If you’re curious about the exact mechanics of these additions (which are in-depth and really interesting), you can check out this blog post on the update. If you still aren’t sold, check out the announcement trailer below:

If you are sold, you can actually pick up the Desert Kingdoms DLC right now on Steam for 10% off! This deal is only valid until the release of the content pack.