Rebellion unveils brand new gameplay trailer for Battlezone: Combat Commander!


Today, independent UK developer/publisher Rebellion unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Battlezone 2 remake entitled, Battlezone: Combat Commander!

Battlezone: Combat Commander

This awesome new five-minute “What is Battlezone: Combat Commander?” video offers a thorough breakdown of the gameplay, features and modes included in the remastered PC strategy classic.

Battlezone: Combat Commander allows you to take command of treacherous sci-fi battlefields, all while constructing bases, harvesting resources and ordering units from the cockpit of your hover-tank – in which you’ll also fight in epic mechanized battles! Mixing a classic RTS design with epic first-person tank combat, this game is like nothing you’ve played in the past decade…or two.

The challenging single-player campaign sees you leading humanity’s resistance against the Scions, a dangerous new threat from the far reaches of space. With branching sub-campaigns and the choice to switch which side you want to fight for, you can take control of the Scion forces and their mysterious shape-shifting battlecraft.

This fabulous new remake will also provide substantial multiplayer content, with 8 modes of face-melting action for up to 14 players. Players can also scrap it out in co-op and versus modes, with play available both online and via LAN. Amazingly enough, cross-play between Steam and GOG Galaxy is also fully supported.

And once you finish what the developers have prepared in the main game, you can then tackle the game’s myriad mod content. Battlezone 2 has been a fan favorite for nearly twenty years and members of that community are already creating epic new content for Battlezone: Combat Commander. Imagine jumping into new maps, assets, HUDs, vehicles, custom scripts and much more, both for single-player and multiplayer when you are ready to see what other players have created!

Battlezone: Combat Commander launches Thursday, March 1st for GOG and Steam.