Far Cry 5 has a Space Gun that launches bears and it’s epic


When Bears Fly

Why use boring man-made guns when you could use a Magnopulser in Far Cry 5. What’s a Magnopulser, you ask? It’s a secret space weapon unlocked by completing missions for the alien-obsessed Larry Palmer. The Magnopulser holds 2 key purposes; launching bears into oblivion and making bad guys explode.

The Mission

To get it, you’ll have to find Larry Palmer in Jacob Seed’s region at Parker Laboratories.

You won’t be able to miss him when you get there as he’s trapped in a massive electrified cage. Free him by turning off the generators and you unlock a new mission to help make contact with aliens. Yup, you read that right.

First you’ll be tasked with destroying “listening devices” AKA radio towers so nobody will catch on to you trying to make contact with the aliens. After that, Larry will ask you to fetch some alien artifacts from the nearby crop circle. Lastly, you will have to reroute the local power supply while taking on a handful of brainwashed cultists.


Tech Specs

After you have completed these 3 things, head back to Parker Laboratories. You will meet up with Larry and help him activate his teleporter. After this, the Magnopulser is yours. The Magnopulser is an energy weapon with infinite ammo but a tendency to overheat that will send enemies flying and explode them into a fine mist. It’s not the most stealthy weapon but it’s a load of fun.

Make sure to check it out in action below!