iLLOGIKA announces Subaeria’s release date


If I asked a lot of gamers for a list of things they’d rather stick hot needles in their eyes than have to deal with in a game, I can almost promise that water levels would be on it. Virtually anything involving wet stuff (yes ice mechanics can screw off, too) is generally despised by any right minded player. So what happens when you set the entire game under water? Well, let’s be honest, it’s only going to go one of two ways. You do something different and interesting that isn’t rage inducing or you find yourself on the personal hit list of a lot of people you’ve never met before. Let’s sincerely hope that iLLOGIKA’s new offering Subaeria is going to be the former of the two for the sakes of a very talented, well meaning team of people.

Subaeria is an isometric action based puzzle game which will be leaving Steam Early access on April 24th and appearing on your PC, PS4 or Xbox One from then on. You will be taking on the role of Styx in this one. Styx is a young girl out for revenge on the overlord of Subaeria for his part in the murder of her family. In her quest, she will fight her way through droves of homicidal robots by pitting them against each other. As the game progresses, Styx will also explore the underwater city and in doing so unveil some of its many hidden secrets.

This title will combine platform and puzzle gameplay mechanics with roguelike elements to create an interesting, new experience. Subaeria‘s single player campaign stimulates players to use their logic senses along with the help of their drone to defeat swarms of enemy automatons and lead them to destroy each other. Each level will  provide a difficulty curve that will see puzzles getting gradually harder to complete, enabling power-ups and challenging the strategic thinking that will be necessary to succeed.

In true roguelike fashion, you will be able to explore a new labyrinth of dangerous rooms each time you play. Each of these rooms is a puzzle that will require you to use the skills you have on hand if you wish to survive. Speaking of skills … you’ll be able to unlock new skills, buffs and skins on each play through, allowing for a level of customisation to the game. Lastly, there are also four playable characters in Subaeria, each with their own unique abilities and backgrounds. This is always great for expanding the life-span of any game.

So, this doesn’t really seem to be about water at all when you think about it, huh? This cannot possibly be a bad thing. I’m just sitting here shuddering at the fleeting thought of a roguelike combining water mechanics and using them at the heart of the game. No, that isn’t an invitation for any budding devs reading this to try it. You’re not having it; you’ll end up doing something horrible. Subaeria on the other hand, you absolutely will be able to have come the 24th, and if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be, this should be a great little addition to any puzzle fan’s library.

You can find the Early Access version of the game here. Hang on a little bit longer, though, and you’ll get the fully optimised version of the game with a re-vamped story line, bug fixes and new story missions and levels. Whether you actually want to wait is of course entirely up to you.