Battle Fleet Ground Assault rumbles onto Steam in May


Let’s have a quick pop quiz. What is better than guns in videogames? Big guns? Possibly. Bombs and missiles? Now we’re getting there. Tanks? Bingo! Yes, there’s nothing better than rolling around inside an absolute ton of heavily armored, explosive, carnage making goodness. Battle Fleet Ground Assault, which is due for May 1st, absolutely lets you do this and goes one better. Why bother with one measly little tank when you can be part of a bone crunching fleet of them? If you happen to be a bit interested in how you’re going to be able to get your kill on next, you might want to read on.

As I’ve just noted, Battle Fleet Ground Assault (the sequel to Battle Fleet) will be hitting Steam next month. Tactics and strategy are the order of the day in this unique turn based war game which will throw you into the chaos of some of the most well known tank theater battles of World War 2. You’ll also be able to play with a wide array of historically accurate tanks and other vehicles to give this already interesting game a bit more spice. There are actually a total of 20 different playable tanks at your disposal, so there’s plenty there to keep you entertained.

So what else can we expect, then? Well, continuing the Worms/Scorched Earth angle plus power mechanic evident in Battle Fleet 2, Battle Fleet Ground Assault will throw you into intense single player battles and a robust campaign. In addition to this you will also be able to participate in an intense multiplayer mode. You will be traversing deep, fully destructible environments and literally picking your opponents apart. This isn’t just a game about blowing stuff up; you’ll want to dissect the enemy. Hit the engines to cripple your foe’s maneuverability or just go straight for the jugular. If you smash the crew compartment, you smash the crew. The ability to use different types of shell and armor will only add to the list of tactics at your disposal.

After the success of our last two Battle Fleet titles, we noticed that players were massively demanding the addition of tanks to their vehicles armada. Not only did we listen to them, but we decided to take it to another level and develop an entirely new game solely focusing on tactical tank battles.We can’t wait for the community’s feedback when the game comes out on May 1st and also feel very excited about the upcoming VR support,” says Mythical City Games CEO, Jedrzej Jonasz.

That’s a very good point, actually … Battle Fleet Ground Assault will be getting full VR support later this year. This will not only allow you to experience the game in full VR but also allow you to play in this mode against players who don’t have the facility. This is great because it means that the list of people for you to obliterate goes up tenfold.

This actually looks very interesting. The whole tank thing has been done quite a bit in recent years with World of Tanks and its ilk. This isn’t just a case of running around blowing stuff up; it actually commands the need for the use of a bit of thought. The fact that this game is historically accurate also makes things a bit more interesting. All in all, Battle Fleet Ground Assault looks like it may well be one to watch. Train your sights on May and prepare to have a literal blast.