Total War: Thrones of Britannia gets a shiny new feature video


Blades, brides, and bribes. No, it’s not a night out in the recesses of South East London: it’s the catchy tagline for Thrones of Britannia, a Total War spin-off that is sporting a new feature video packed with detailed exploration of the game’s more interesting mechanics. I’m not going to mess about here, folks. Check it out:

9th century Britain – as portrayed by Thrones of Britannia – was home to an unusual number of warring factions, each eyeing up their own claim on the British Isles in the wake of an attempted invasion from the Vikings. You’ll be able to take control of one of 5 unique factions: the Gaelic folk (from a hybrid Scotland/Ireland), the Welsh, the Great Viking Army, the Viking Sea-Kings, or the English. You’ll be playing as the English, obviously, and you’ll be using every ounce of political guile you possess to coerce, copulate, or crush your rivals/neighbours into submission.

The Politics & Intrigue Feature Spotlight video goes into impressive depth in an effort to explain the weird, alliterative triad of verbs I just used and how they relate to conquering the Land of Hope and Glory (God, doesn’t English patriotism sound daft). Basically, the tools at your disposal are typically Medieval; you’ll either be winning favour with your enemies by marrying their women or filling their pockets, or you’ll be ruining their war with planned assassinations or smear campaigns.

Combining classic Total War real time strategy gameplay with a suitably Olde and Bloodye turn-based campaign, Thrones of Britannia is the flagship title for the new Total War Saga series of games. Where previous Total War games span the rise and fall of an empire, or the triumphs and failures of a pivotal historical figure, games in the Saga series – such as Thrones of Britannia – will be drawing on specific moments in our history and allowing the player to ask: what if? In this case, it’s Alfred the Great’s jolly good smashing of the Viking invaders in 878-ish.

Thrones of Britannia is nearing launch, and is currently available to pre-order with a 10% discount from a selection of online retailers that have the SEGA seal of approval. As an added bonus, developer Creative Assembly will be donating 25% of the profits from all pre-orders to the charity War Child UK. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

Thrones of Britannia launches on May 3rd, and is priced at GBP£29.99 without the 10% discount that online retailers like Steam are offering.