Monster Hunter: World Kulve Taroth event now live


Are you tired of the Deviljho handing your ass to you on a platter? Had enough of the Springtime festivities? Well, I’ve got good news. As of today, Monster Hunter: World is playing host to a fearsome new Elder Dragon, in a limited-time event that introduces an enormous amount of new stuff. DLC season is well and truly underway, folks, and if you weren’t already excited now might be a good time to squeal like a frightened poogie.

Ahem. The newest addition to the Monster Hunter: World roster, Kulve Taroth, is the beast you’ll be tasked with defeating. She’s big, she’s golden, and she’s wearing a gown of molten metal; I’m not going to do her justice with words, so check out this trailer instead:

As you may have noticed, Kulve Taroth is roaming about in an unfamiliar environment that shimmers a little like she does. They’re called the Caverns of El Dorado, and you’ll spend your time there when out on a hunt for Kulve herself. Rigged with cannons, falling rocks, and a ton of Wedge Beetles, this is an environment designed with a purpose in mind, and as a result it is truly spectacular to explore.

So how does it all work? You’re going to want to head out on an ordinary expedition, first: head to the Ancient Forest, and walk around until you spot a pile of fourteen-carat detritus. Your handler will squeak about returning to speak to the Admiral, and after a short cutscene involving references to Kulve Taroth as ‘the one that got away,’ you’ll be introduced to the new style of hunt that this Monster Hunter: World update brings to the table.

It’s called a Siege, and it’s designed for four to sixteen players. You’ll partner up with whoever is in your online session, and head off into El Dorado to begin a research investigation that will essentially determine how much loot you’re going to get (more on that later). Interestingly, any other groups of four in your session will influence your own research, up to a total of 16 players. A Research Meter will fill when you or any one of your 16 hunting companions breaks apart or discovers a Kulve Torath track; the higher the level on the meter, the more loot you’re going to get once you’ve finished the research investigation, so make sure to collect everything.

But what IS the lootI hear you ask. The short answer is: weapons and armour. Aside from Kulve Torath’s own unique weapon/armour set, you’ll also be awarded Melded Weapons, which can be found when carving Kulve Torath’s enormous horns. On my first run, I was awarded at least 12 of these weapons – they’re totally random, cover every weapon in the game, and are almost uniquely gold-plated.

Once you’ve finished the investigation, normal Monster Hunter: World procedure ensues, and you’ll unlock a slaying quest to put an end to Kulve Torath’s treasure-fueled shenanigans.

Aside from the armour and weaponry specific to the Kulve Torath Siege quests, this update also includes some cosmetic armour, or Layered Armour in official speak. This stuff can be worn over your favourite armour set, and will just serve to make you look awesome. You can earn these sets – both Samurai-themed – by completing new Delivery quests.

The last thing to add is that the new Monster Hunter: World update brings a fair few bug fixes and gameplay adjustments with it as well. Headliners include an increase in frequency of certain Streamstone drops when fighting Tempered Monsters (good news for veteran hunters), as well as the long-awaited ability to sort Investigations. For a full list of patch notes, head to the wiki page here.

The Kulve Taroth update for Monster Hunter: World is out now on console and PC, and marks the final day of the Spring Blossom Festival event that has been running for the past couple of weeks.