Hyper Sentinel launching May 11th on console and PC


Those of you who enjoy bathing in the warm glow of nostalgia, listen up. As of right now, an official release date for Four5Six Pixel and Huey Games’ retro arcade space shooter Hyper Sentinel has been announced: the game will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 11th. It’s a trip down memory lane, a step backward into the Good Old Days; hell, it’s a painful reminder that I am way too young to remember when gaming looked like this.

Here’s a luridly coloured and unavoidably cringey trailer for you old people to enjoy:

Hyper Sentinel is a bare-bones flip and scroll shooter that does away with the clutter of the 21st century in almost every aspect bar one. The plot is unabashedly non-existent, and the mechanics, designed for cavemen; the graphics are certainly retro, but beneath the hood lies a modern game engine that will keep this ‘antique’ ticking over quite nicely. It’s Neo-Retro, and it’s all the rage these days. “Hyper Sentinel,” in the words of creator Jonathan Port, “will take older gamers right back to their roots with an updated feel.”

You will take control of a blocky spaceship, tasked with defending the earth from equally pixelated alien invaders. The gameplay is chaotic, relying as much upon your ability to dodge the bullet-hell that swirls around you as your accuracy with the many power-ups and weapons. And if you’re feeling like this is all too archaic for you, fear not: according to Port, members of my generation “can satisfy their urge for action and epic boss battles without wading through a plot.”

Sounds reasonable.

Hyper Sentinel was showcased at EGX Rezzed 2018 at the Tobacco Docks here in London. Miraculously, I was unable to attend, but can only assume that the game was a hit; after all, it is managing to appeal to even the most obstinately old-school members of the gaming community. Pre-order details are to be announced, but in the meantime, why not check Hyper Sentinel out on Steam or via the game’s official page.

The full game launches on May 11th, so dust off your trigger fingers, Gramps.