How to get those final Battle Pass Challenges in Fortnite


Don’t spend another $10 on a tier boost.

So you’re busy playing Fortnite‘s Season Three Battle Pass and you’re at Tier 68. There are 7 days to go and your week 1-9 challenges haven’t been completed yet. Week 10 is coming, but that’s not on your mind right now. You’re hovering over that boost of 10 tiers that’s going to cost you $10 but even then you’ll only be at Tier 78. What are you gonna do? Damn, you want that John Wick skin bad.

Fear not my friends, I’m going to give you a few tips and strategies that will help you before you think about using that $10 on v-bucks.

Do the easy challenges first

Ok, so this one is pretty much a no-brainer and that’s why it’s at the start. Forget about trying to finish off each week’s challenges and go for the easy ones. You know, searching chests/ammo boxes, dancing in certain locations and those treasure hunts. Get all of them done and then see where you are.

Don’t become obsessed with trying to get kills in certain areas

Chances are that this is where you’re struggling; trying to get those kills in Fatal Fields. And Salty Springs, Tomato Town and Tilted Towers. And you’re jumping into games, heading straight there and getting killed before you can line your shot up properly, right?

Well, instead of doing that, play your normal game of getting as far as you can without getting fixated on being in one area or another. You’ll end up getting kills in those places anyway without really thinking about it and it’ll take some of the pressure off. Remember that getting further in the game gives you XP which gets you up levels and that comes with extra Battle Pass points.

Duo/Squad up with excellent players

Either do this with your playing buddies or ask around on any of the what seems to be a million Facebook groups. I did this and found an excellent few online friends who are amazing at the game, and will happily half-kill players allowing me to swoop in and get the kill on them. It’s not cheating either; that’s what teams are for and I played my part by reviving said excellent players when they were downed.

Playing in duos/squads also allows you to knock a player with something like an assault rifle or explosive then switch to a pistol or sniper to eliminate them and get the challenge for those awkward weapons.

Combo up

Needing a kill in Fatal Fields and also a sniper elimination? Make sure that when you get there you have your sniper rifle ready to go and try to get a two for one deal on eliminations. Do this as much as you reasonably can and those challenges will tumble away.

Play more aggressively

So here’s the thing: if your normal game involves hiding in bushes, behind doors, in corners and stalking the storm, you’re not going to get those kills in time. This isn’t another ‘get gud’ style rant, just that you’re going to have to mix things up to get those kills. Yes, you’re going to get your ass handed to you regularly and it’ll get frustrating, but you’re going to have to be more aggressive by going into crowded zones and trying to get those kills. Doing this will make you a better player, so that when you settle back to your usual passive type game, you’ll be a much more effective and dangerous killer.

So there you go, my top tips for getting those challenges done. Any I’ve missed? Be sure to leave a comment or reach out!