2018 World Cup Russia freebies coming to FIFA


Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d be able write: EA is giving away something for free. And what’s more, they’re not doing it as a direct result of having been brutally wounded by the anonymous force of the Reddit-sphere; no, this one is of their own volition, and it’s sure to please all you FIFA nuts out there. FIFA 18 is getting some free, 2018 World Cup Russia-themed content, and you’ll only have to wait for 29 days to get it.

The FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia update is actually pretty radical, when you think about it. Previous World Cups have been immortalised with their own EA game, a sort of spin-off franchise that seemed to begin in 1986 (can you believe?). So not only is this DLC, it is also serving in place of a full game, and will be available free of charge from May 29th. In other news, pigs have been spotted soaring over rural areas across the globe.

I’m going to stop scapegoating EA now, because I enjoyed Battlefield very much.

The update will include a new tournament experience complete with authentic national teams (hopefully not too authentic, else no-one will actually play as the English side); stadiums straight from the hosting Russia; official kits and badges; and even a gloriously-rendered Match Ball and Winner’s Trophy. You’ll be able to lead your nation to glory in a fully customisable representation of the qualifiers through to finals; if you’re a Yank, getting further than the quarter-finals will be something of a shock, so take it slowly.

FIFA 18‘s Ultimate Team mode will also benefit from the new 2018 World Cup Russia update. The international squads and players – including ICONS, renowned football legends you may be too young to remember – will be available for you to assemble at your leisure, allowing you to sign the most outrageously good players on the planet and dismantle your opposition with more ferocity than Germany did the home side during the 2014 World Cup semi-finals. Who says gamers can’t also use Google be into sports?

If you’re a fan of FIFA Mobile, fear not: the 2018 World Cup Russia update will also affect the app, allowing you to foster one of the 32 qualified national teams (or one of the remaining non-qualifiers) and lead them to glory on the world stage.

The FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia update is due to launch on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on May 29th, with the FIFA Mobile app receiving an update on June 6th for a limited time. The update will affect all normal FIFA game modes, from split-screen Kick-Off to Online Tournaments. Obviously, you’ll need FIFA 18 and an internet connection to play.