The Banner Saga unfurls on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch owners will be happy to know that the first game in the lauded Banner Saga series is now available for purchase. Often compared to Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem series, The Banner Saga is a strategy RPG with all the grid-based battles and tough choices you can sink your teeth into.

The series draws heavily from Norse mythology, with giants, dead gods, prophecies, eternal winters and abominations walking the earth. Think “Fire Emblem set just before Ragnarok” and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the Banner Saga is like, with the emphasis on moral dilemmas and their consequences really helping it stand out. With the fate of an entire civilization on the line, the risks are high and the margin for error is pretty darn small.

Banner Saga battle

The Banner Saga’s first installment initially launched way back in 2014 following a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since garnered critical acclaim and over thirty awards and nominations, including three BAFTA award nominations and winning the 2014 Game Developer’s Choice: “Best Debut” award. Since then, it’s been ported to several different consoles, and now it’s finally available for Switch fans eager for tactics and Viking violence.

Banner Saga menu

Better start playing soon, too—Versus Evil, the game’s publisher, has already confirmed that the final game in the series, The Banner Saga 3, will be launching concurrently on the Switch and other major consoles July 24th of this year and will conclude the story of this multi-part epic. They’ve also stated they have plans to release The Banner Saga 2 on Switch, hopefully before the third installment rolls out, though no dates have been provided as of yet.

Be sure to check out Nintendo’s website for all the details about the first game’s Switch debut, and the series’ own website for all the latest news and updates.