Everspace releases today on PS4


Today marked the launch of developer ROCKFISH’s Everspace on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I reviewed the PC version of the game a while back. Everspace is a first person space combat game that also mixes in roguelike elements. As I mentioned in my review, it is a lot easier to play than its more complex contemporaries like Eve Valkyrie or Elite Dangerous. As such, it’s a welcome release for fans of the genre who don’t want to have to buy a special controller just to have enough buttons to play properly. The roguelike elements and story give the game a unique edge as well; the story explains the perma-death associated with roguelikes, and it’s compelling enough to keep you playing. If you want to see my full review, check it out here. Note that I was evaluating it as a VR game, and unfortunately, the PS4 release of Everspace will not support Playstation VR.

You can download Everspace from the Playstation Store right now, for $29.99. The expansion pack called Encounters is also available for $9.99, adding some new locations and a new ship. The game and expansion are also available on Windows and Xbox One.