New gameplay video released for Battle Princess Madelyn


Today, indie developer Casual Bit Games has revealed the exciting first level of their upcoming game Battle Princess Madelyn, which you can view below!

Battle Princess Madelyn follows the adventure of Madelyn, a young knight in training, and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy. They set out together on a journey to save her kingdom and her family from the clutches of an evil wizard.

The game is a mix of fast-paced classic arcade action with the adventure elements of classic console games, bringing to life the best features of the golden age of console gaming. The hand-drawn pixel art has been brought to life by the magical lighting of the Unity Engine, meaning that it should be absolutely gorgeous.

Play quickly as an arcade game or through the full experience – how you play Battle Princess Madelyn is up to you! With 10 levels, each with 5 stages and 1-2 branching hidden stages, there’s plenty to enjoy no matter how you play.

Battle Princess Madelyn is currently in development.