E3 2018: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit ties to Life is Strange 2



The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit



Dontnod fans were pleased to find out that a new game called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference yesterday.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a standalone story in the Life is Strange universe. This narrative experience stars Chris, a ten-year old boy with a big imagination.

As seen in the trailer below, Chris will actually become part of a supernatural experience not unlike what he’s always imagined in his head. The story of Captain Spirit will have links to the upcoming story of Life is Strange 2.


It’s apparent right off the bat that he has a very vivid imagination, creating and narrating a scenario. We are even led to believe that he’s about to move his toy spaceship with some kind of psychic force. Was it real or a figment of his imagination? Check out the trailer now!



A self-contained narrative experience

Captain Spirit is Chris’ alternative persona which incorporates a handful of powers–and the game revolves around Chris’ Saturday morning as he spends time role-playing and completing superhero quests. This is where the player comes in. The player is given tasks to complete. With costume creation, vanquishing a scary beast, and exploring in an intergalactic rocket, you’ll never run out of fun!


The interactions of this game compare very closely to Life is Strange – there are numerous objects you can interact with as you move through the game. Some interactions depict fun, sadness, etc. The most interesting part about this game is that some interactions have references to Life is Strange.  A majority of interactions help you understand Chris’ imagination and adventures.

Using your imaginative superpowers to overcome fear, defeat monsters, and perform heroic deeds shows that this game really brings your childhood back to life through Chris.

Get it June 26th for FREE

The game is completely free, coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 26. Developer Dontnod promises many secrets in this self-contained experience, enough to warrant several play-throughs.