Carnival Games launching soon on Switch


If you’re a fan of the Nintendo Switch – or you’re one of those weirdos who goes to county fairs – then you’ll love this. Carnival Games is coming to the hybrid console in November, marking the first entry into the series since Nintendo’s last good console. That’s the Wii, to anyone wondering, and I will fight those who say otherwise.

Anyway. Carnival Games will launch on the Switch on 6th November, and will feature a ton of new features designed with the console’s joy-cons in mind.

This is undoubtedly one of those games that you’ll want to play with friends (or family, if you’re not that close). Built for 2 to 4 players, Carnival Games will offer 20 traditional and all-new carnival games (duh) including things like ring toss or alley ball horse racing, but also drone racing and cosmic bowling.

Carnival Games is drawing on a bit of a theme park vibe with four distinct ‘alleys’ that will each host a few of the 20 games. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but here goes. The alleys are: Jungle Lane, Saturn Station, Vulture Gulch (I like that one) and Nuts & Bolts. There. Happy?

You’ll be earning tickets as you play, much like you would on Brighton Pier (oh, sorry. I forget that you’re not all from Blighty). The tickets are currency, used to unlock new games and fun outfits for your little avatars. In my opinion, the Switch has been crying out for a game like this for quite a while.

2K and Take-Two Interactive are pencilling in a November 6th release date for Carnival Games on Switch. The game – whose predecessor sold over 9.5 million units – will cost you USD $40.00, which is about GBP £30.00-ish.