Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin raises $12.7 million for breast cancer research


Heroes never die, and they also donate a lot of money to fight against cancer.

The Pink Mercy skin for Overwatch released in May, and was available for two weeks. During those two weeks, every dollar spent on the $15 skin went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That total exceeded $12.7 million. Running along side the skin, shirts sold, and people watching 14 streamers donated an additional $130,000 to the cause.

In the 25-year history of the BCRF, this is the largest donation by a corporate partner in a one year time span.

In it’s post on the official Overwatch website, Blizzard said:

“Once again, you’ve dared to see what the world could be and have help take a significant step forward in the mission to cure breast cancer.

Thank you, heroes!”


This is the kind of news that really shows the kind of people gamers can be. We are not the lazy, rage-induced slobs that everyone thinks we are. Granted, it helped that it was a very good looking skin for one of the most popular heroes in one of the biggest games right now, but $15 just for a skin is still a lot for everyone to chip into. Here is hoping that Blizzard and Overwatch continues with this kind of skin donation deal and we can all help contribute more in the future.