Take another peek into the story of a girl and her cat with Another Sight’s new trailer


Lunar Great Wall Studios has just released the first hints of game-play for their game, Another Sightin an all new trailer. Set to launch later this year on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Another Sight appears to hinge on the mechanic of guiding the sightless Kit through the London Underground via her cat companion Hodge, helping her navigate platforming puzzles and the treacherous underground world she finds herself trapped in.

Another Sight

The trailer looks beautiful, illustrating a game that is a mix of cell shaded cut-scenes and three dimensional platforming adventure, all of which is heavily  influenced by the mystical “world within our world” universe of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. The games protagonist, a young woman named Kit who becomes trapped in the Underground after a tunnel collapses, subsequently loses her sight and is forced to rely on the assistance of her companion, a cat named Hodge, if she is ever to escape to the light of day.

Another Sight Gameplay

A puzzle-based adventure game, Another Sight touts an orchestrated, symphonic soundtrack to accompany the dreamy environments of their underground world, focusing on the story of Kit and her cat as opposed to the world itself. That’s not to say that the world of the London Underground isn’t a star in its own right, as Lunar Great Wall Studios has revealed that throughout Kit and Hodge’s explorations they will encounter various historical figures, from Monet to Tesla, who have taken up residence in the Underground. With each cultural icon the protagonists meet, the world around them will shift and change, adapting pieces of the historic inventors, artists and entrepreneurs into it’s landscapes.

Check out the trailer for Another Sight below and be sure to follow Lunar Great Wall Studios for updates of the game and for information as to its release date.