Headsnatchers comes to Steam Early Access


I’ve got a touch of interesting information for you party game fans out there. I know some of you love getting together with your mates and just throwing down on whatever device you happen to own. If this is the sort of thing that floats your proverbial boat, Headsnatchers may well be just the title for you.

Headsnatchers, which is being published by Iceberg Interactive and developed by IguanaBee, has been released into Steam Early Access at a price of $14.99. If you happen to want to get your mitts on it immediately, you’ll be able to get a further 10% off this asking price if you grab a copy by Tuesday.

As I’ve mentioned Headsnatchers is a party game which supports both local and online play for up to four people. In this frantic game you’ll be battling each other with one primary goal. All you need to do is remove your opponent’s head from their shoulders. Sound easy? Well not quite as simple a task as you might think. Once you’ve grabbed a head you’ll then need to use said appendage to light up the scoreboard and with a bit of luck win. It also helps if you can keep your own while you’re doing it.

The release will be giving you 6 multi-player maps to brawl in if you’re playing online. This number will steadily increase as the game continues in its development. If, however, you happen to be playing locally you’ll get a total of 25 multi-player maps straight from the get-go. This, plus 4 modes of play should give you all plenty to sink your teeth into while Headsnatchers continues to it’s final full launch.

In addition to the multiplayer fun you’ll also be able to get your single player fix with the Zombie Castle game mode. On a cosmetic level you’ll have more than 100 heads to choose from and more if you include the Headitor. Yes, you can actually create your own and save up to 20 customer heads for your character.

When asked about the move to launch this title into Early Access Daniel Winkler, lead developer at IguanaBee stated: “It allows us to properly develop the game while listening to feedback from the community. As a multiplayer party game, we find it increadibly important that we actively involve the community to shape Headsnatchers into the best party game out there. We hope gamers young and old will enjoy humiliating their pals in the wackiest ways possible.

So there you have it. This actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I have to admit, there’s something quite satisfying about the thought of decapitating your opponents and using their heads to score. This just goes to show that a game doesn’t have to be gory for heads to roll. Or bounce … or well you catch my drift. If you want to involve yourselves in the Early Access you might want to pop over to Steam now for that discount.