Tales of the Neon Sea Kickstarter starts July 31st


Tales of the Neon Sea is an upcoming puzzle-solving adventure cyberpunk adventure from Palm Pioneer, an indie developer based out of Beijing (published by Zodiac Interactive). Tales of the Neon Sea boasts retro-styled pixel art where players explore a fully realised cyberpunk cityscape where humans and robots contend with escalating tension and mutual distrust. You play as a hard-boiled detective who uses his wits and puzzle-solving skills to determine the course of this unique tale.

Tales of the Neon Sea’s trailer is truly worth the watch – the neon lights and intrigue should have any cyberpunk fan salivating. Any story with a hard-boiled veteran detective is always worth a look, especially when it’s this beautifully colourful, yet somehow still bleak and terrifying.

The game is set to release as a 3-5 hour title on PC (Windows only) initially, with stretch goals of $15,000 for two additional DLC chapters and $30,000 for a PS4 version. If a whopping $50,000 is raised, the game will also be released on Nintendo Switch.

The Kickstarter page features a more in-depth description of the basic narrative, tonnes of pictures, coverage of the stretch goals, the video featured in this article, and cats!

Tales of the Neon Sea‘s Kickstarter isn’t active yet, but it will be in the very near future on July 31st, so have a read and throw on an alert to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing about the progress of this amazing game.