Yakuza 0 is out now on PC!


The thrilling, hilarious and heartbreaking fan-favourite prequel entry to the Yakuza series is now available on PC!

Yakuza 0 has become the very first game in the Yakuza series to come to PC. Starting today, PC gamers can experience all the glitz, glam, and piles of cash of 1980s Japan!

Yakuza 0 is the perfect entry point into the series (and I can attest to that personally) and is the prequel to the original game, Yakuza, which released originally on Playstation 2. PC users can now have their first hands-on taste of playing as legendary Dragon of Dojima Kazuma Kiryu, and series regular Goro Majima, as they embark on a rich saga while experiencing their gripping origin stories dealing with the moral dilemma of being young, inexperienced yakuza.

Enjoy two large areas to explore (Kamurocho, Tokyo and Sotenbori, Osaka), beat piles of cash out of street thugs (quite literally), and use three different fighting styles per playable character. Over 100 substories are available, some that make you think, some that make you laugh, and some that are just weird. You can run your own business, play arcade games, and so much more!

Yakuza 0 introduces enhanced features for PC, including 4K resolution, an unlocked framerate, and full controller support and remappable keys for the ultimate Yakuza experience.

The game is also an absolute steal at just $19.99USD on Steam. I can’t recommend this game enough – go out and get it right now.