Claire Redfield enters the nightmares in Resident Evil 2!


Resident Evil 2 is being rebuilt from the ground up, with breathtaking visuals, modernized controls, and a deeper narrative experience. Part of that experience was showcased at GamesCom for the first time today where players joined college student Claire Redfield on her search for her missing brother, Chris.

When Claire arrives in Raccoon City, she finds herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Dodging danger left and right, she finds safety in the Raccoon City Police Station…or so she thinks. Here she finds a young, abandoned girl, Sherry Birkin, in the underground area beneath the police station.

Together, Sherry and Claire face the iconic series boss and mutating enemy ‘G’. Claire will have to battle for her life and Sherry’s as she takes on this living, breathing nightmare creature.

The nightmares return, reimagined for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, on January 25, 2019.