REVIEW / Skyrim Soundtrack JUN/VUL Special Edition (Vinyl)


The JUN/VUL Special Edition pressing of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack is finally here. First announced by iam8bit back in 2017 as the JUN/KUN edition, it has since gotten a name change to reflect the subtle differences in the dragon language. JUN/VUL means “light/dark” while the original name of JUN/KUN likely meant “light/shadow” (where VOKUN was shortened to KUN). JUN can also mean “King”, but the theme of the special edition is all about light and dark.

Skyrim superfan Aled Lewis designed the awesome art and sleeve for the special edition, playing on the light and dark aspect. The sleeve depicts the Dovahkiin riding up to Solitude, and the inner gatefold has a great die-cut effect with the Dovahkiin in the foreground when the sleeve is sitting in it. The cover evokes memories of the E3 trailer way back when Skyrim was first announced, while the sleeve reminded me my first time approaching the city of Solitude.

The soundtrack is pressed on a 180-gram forest green vinyl with side A being JUN and side B being VUL. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the track on either side emits light or dark connotations when listening to it, but wow did I want to boot up Skyrim by the time I was done listening. The track listing is a selection from Jeremy Soule’s incredible compositions (with lyrics by Emil Pagliarulo) for the Skyrim soundtrack. What makes these track so special? These were “the dev team’s favorite tracks, separated into ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ sides”, which I agree that these are all great choices, although I would have loved to have had “The Streets of Whiterun” on here. To be honest, it left me wanting more at the end of side B and wishing there was a second LP to pop on. One thing I noticed was that this pressing was a little quiet compared to other soundtracks I have reviewed. I dropped the Witcher 3 soundtrack on immediately afterwards and noticed the slight difference in amplitude.


Unfortunately, there were only 3K pressings made, so the album is currently sold out on with no indication of repressing. I have seen a couple of these floating around Discogs, so you can still grab it (although marked up a bit). However, those looking for more may want to try and get their hands on a pressing of the full soundtrack, but the Jun/VUL special edition can definitely whet your appetite.



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A great selection of tracks from a classic soundtrack, but it can leave you wanting more in the end.