Pit Blocks 3D modernises the Tetris style puzzler


There is a very soft spot in my heart reserved for Tetris. It was the first game I ever played on the Nintendo Game Boy and it was also the reason why I asked for that console that Christmas. I spent hours playing that game and although I was never particularly good at it, it was just pure, simple addictive fun. Spin time forward nearly thirty years and I can’t actually think of another block-based puzzle game that’s beaten it. Columns came close but it still didn’t have quite the same draw. A new game is soon to bring the block busting theme right up to date. It’s called Pit Blocks 3D and it’s the topic of my little news piece for today.

So Pit Blocks 3D will soon be appearing on Steam, itch.io, Humble Bundle, and Game Jolt. This game takes a new more modern twist on the classic Tetris theme and will introduce a number of fully realised 3D environments including Fantasy, Ice Cave and Volcano. In addition to the usual block breaking that we have all come to know and love, we can also expect each of these unique zones to be rife with minions and bosses that must be faced before the player can progress. This game also has an evolving story-line, something that has been missing from other, similar games of this genre.

As with other brick busters you have to stack your bricks in order to accumulate your score and survive. What makes this game interesting is its 3D nature. You aren’t looking at a 2D grid; you will have to account for the X, Y and Z axis of the cube that is your play area if you are to continue. To make this task feel more comfortable, intuitive mouse (or gamepad) controls will allow you to fluidly view your game cube from all angles with ease. The option to set different difficulty levels will also allow you to customize the game to meet the challenge you are feeling up to at any given point in time.

The enemies you will face in your quest through the game will do more than just hamper your progress; they will actively try to defeat you. In the Ice Cave you will find yourself having to dodge minions slinging ice missiles, the Fantasy Environment will pit you against a fearsome Leviathan and so on. There definitely appears to be a horde of enemies standing in the way of your goal of victory. This can only add to the level of frustrating fun that comes with a really good puzzler.

Something worth mentioning for those completionists amongst you is that this game offers a whopping 20,000 achievements. Along with the variety being offered in level design, you will also be able to unlock story cards which will allow you to go for a deeper dive into the game. For anyone who loves a good brick-buster, this sounds like something definitely worth watching. All of these games are brilliant little time wasters at the very least. They also lend themselves to those long sessions when you just want to focus on having fun so there should be plenty here for any puzzle addict.¬† Whether¬†Pit Blocks 3D is a game to rival Tetris remains to be seen but it certainly looks like it’s having a very good try.