TVGB ViveStream goes on hiatus; introducing TVGB Black Hole


That’s right, my friends; I’m sad to announce that the TVGB ViveStream is going on hiatus for now. A common point of commentary throughout the run of the show has been that my PC is barely capable of running Vive games, let alone recording them at the same time. I need to either upgrade my PC or invest in a good capture card, but until one of those options becomes viable for me, I won’t be able to produce new episodes.

Don’t worry though; the ViveStream will return. In the meantime, I’ve prepared a brand new show to fill its spot, and I hope you like what I’ve come up with. I’m proud to introduce TVGB Black Hole, a video series that will blindly tackle Steam games with virtually no presence on YouTube or the web at large. Based only on first impressions (I generally won’t have played the games at all before recording), we will follow each of these forgotten titles with a verdict on whether the title deserves to escape the Black Hole of Steam. If that sounds like a show you’d enjoy, I have good news: the first episode is finished and posted below. For the first episode, I tackled two games chosen by random Steam game generators: a platformer called Homelesshood and a bizarre puzzle/adventure game known as 80.08. Check it out: