Stranger Things 3: The Game is coming


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If you’re still drooling in anticipation for the season 3 trailer of Stranger Things, then drool some more you shall. This isn’t that; rather Stranger Things 3: The Game is coming!

The Duffer Brothers [Matt & Ross Duffer] made the announcement at The Game Awards and the internet has lit-up with excited anticipation over the world premiered trailer.

Details are currently scant, with only a few screenshots and the 1min trailer to wet-your-whistle, but wet-your-whistle will be. From the heart-palp’-inducing snippets, Stranger Things 3: The Game seems to remain as true to the 1980’s gaming era as the series does to the aesthetic of the time.

The trailer depicts Joyce Byers and Chief Jim Hopper in a few alternative scenarios, with a hint toward puzzle-solving gameplay. The guns are big and they’re being used against government-types in fictional Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things 3: The Game will move away from the 2017 mobile release for IOS and Android. The upcoming release will introduce co-op gameplay for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Nope, ‘friends don’t lie’. The game’s retro-pixel aesthetic does appear to be similar to the mobile version, but there are clear improvements here, too.

Developed by BonusXP and loaded with pew-pew, the game is sure to be one to keep an eye on.