The Maestros – Latest game update


Fans of The Maestros team vs team action strategy, can unwrap their new content early this Christmas. Developers Systence Games have just released the whopper update that aims at enhancing competitors gameplay.

The Maestros

For those who are new to The Maestros, the game is a team vs team action-strategy. Players choose their commander and lead them in an arena battle against various opponents, with varied level of skill. The overall goal is to transform cute animals and robots into upgraded beasts and bots. Forge your squad, then deliver to the enemy opponents a solid strategic beat-down. 

The Maestros is a story centred around the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia and the alchemists of Regalis. Battles between these two rivals carry across several maps, each with their own objectives, AI controlled enemies and boss enemies to defeat. All seeking the rare Arkanium needed to fuel their wars progression and save their people. 

Fans can expect this update to bring with it improved bot behaviours and new ways for players to enhance their skills. Beginner bots now have more advancements towards challenging the opponent to overcome new threats. While these beginner bots are now less threatening to new players, the update did provide them with a few new tricks. Developers have also introduced intermediate bots in an effort to help players level up their skills in game. 

The Maestros is currently available on Steam early access.

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