343 Industries gives first video peek at Halo 4

Microsoft has decided it’s time to ramp up hype on Halo 4. We’ve already seen three shots from the game, but now we’ve got developer 343 Industries’ first look, complete with multiplayer footage and some rough campaign clips. Here it is.

So what sounds exciting? Well for the most part the video reiterates the team’s desire to explore the character of Master Chief in this new game. But on the multiplayer side, it’s revealed the the developers have actually come up with a reason for Spartans shooting Spartans. It was just a tease, but the explanation is apparently a “compelling” one, so look out for that.

Two maps are also shown, and 343 promises that these won’t just be ripped from the campaign. The levels shown so far are Wraparound, and Warhouse. The latter of which has a giant mech being created in the middle of the map throughout. Awesome.

And that’s that. Nothing major yet then; expect to see Halo 4‘s campaign debut at E3 and the full game this holiday season.