7-Eleven to play with the big boys

You know what we like here at TVGB? Slurpee’s. There is nothing better than a delicious Slurpee on a hot day. Add to that a bag of Poprocks, and you have complete bliss. So it’s no surprise that 7-Eleven is our favorite hang-out. However, we were a little skeptical when they offered a few videogames. But they’ve been doing pretty well, and word on the street said that they were working on a formula to help them enter the game retail market. So doing some of our investigative reporting, we managed to sneak into the 7-Eleven labs (passing the dogs jacked-up on Red Bull), and came out with a glimpse at this second stage. It looks a little like this:

Slurpee + PopRocks x Gears of War 2= ***** ***** **** ****** INSANE PROFIT

Well, it looks like the company is ready to finally put that formula to work. In an official statement released today, 7-Eleven has pledged to sell games 24-7. In charge of this new effort is Michael Jester, the category manager for gaming and electronics, and while he is optimistic about the development, he is also aware that 7-Eleven has a big hill to climb.

“We may not be a total entertainment destination…yet, but we’re hoping to expand our selection beyond the high-dollar, hot-selling games to include options for all budgets, like value-priced video games as well as DVD movies,” he said in an offical statement. We’re a bit skeptical too, but something tells us that 7-Eleven’s customer base of 18-34 slackers is the perfect storm for videogame sales. Look out Gamestop…