A first look at The House In The Hollow


Good things come to those who wait and never a truer word has been spoken in my opinion. Gamers are often some of the worst culprits for wanting everything yesterday. When our favorite game gets delayed we all lose our minds. Thing is … would we rather have a buggy mess on schedule or an absolute winner a couple of months late? I think I know which of the two I’d go for. There is a point to this little ramble. A new adventure is coming to your PC screens but you’ll be waiting a while yet for it. It’s called The House In The Hollow and at first look, it’s pretty cool.

Someone out there is already mightily impressed with this new offering from PSINE Studios. The House In The Hollow has just won the Nvidia/Epic Games Edge award. This is pretty good going already for a title still very much in production.

In The House In The Hollow, you’ll be invited to explore an Art Nouveau Manor House set back into a hollow and surrounded by dense forest. The house belonged to English magician and occultist Francis Barrett. It will be your task to find out what happened to him. You’ll also need to use your wits and problem-solving skills if you are to thwart the evil holding you captive in the house and escape.

As the mystery unfolds you’ll find yourself searching both the house and the surrounding woods as you attempt to figure out why the magician disappeared. Nobody knows for sure what experiments Francis Barrett was performing or what he was conjuring up. One thing is for certain; of those who have attempted to find the house before you, not all have returned to tell the tale.

Our goal with ‘House In the Hollow’ was to transport the player to a mysterious location where they not only had to find a way to escape, but to also experience a bygone time period, and uncover the mystery of the sudden disappearance of the Manors owner, Francis Barrett,” said Phillip Phair of PSINE Studios.” He went on to add, “Just like watching a classic horror movie, we wanted the player to feel as if they are being carried back in time, to explore a unique location and an intriguing story, but unlike a movie, give the player the ability to be surrounded by an immersive, interactive, first person world.

To circle back to my mumbling at the start of this story you’ll be waiting a little while before The House In The Hollow appears on your screens. This title isn’t due until the last months of this year. This being said they have been kind enough to leave us with a couple of trailers to give you all something to go at. If you like what you see and want something new for your wish lists you can find out a bit more here on Steam.

Looking at this I’m not sure whether we’re going to get a straight-up horror game or more of a thriller with tense or frightening elements. I’d opt for the second as I do love a good mystery. The House In The Hollow looks great so far and is absolutely one to watch for fans of a good investigation. You’ve just seen the game trailer but ’cause I’m nice I’ll leave you with the story trailer as well. We’ll give you a chance to do a bit more detective work on your own.