A look at Borderlands’ first DLC

Who doesn’t want more Borderlands? I sure do, and some great new footage of the first DLC pack; The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned has come to life to show what it’s all about. The mustachioed Dr. Ned has accidentally turned a cove community into Zombies and there our traveler must go and put them down. The first feature in the video shows how the enemies can be injured and change their movement and attack accordingly, to crawl at you in classic undead form. All the right moves have been inserted, from super fast zombies, to suicide capable zombies, and the “brutes” from the original Borderlands content have been changed to the new “Tankenstein” zombies who can carry bombs, use elemental attacks, and even carry guncases on their backs. Yay l00tz! And although it’s not mentioned here, let’s not forget about the were-skags we’ve heard about.

The pack is said to contain 50 quests, 5 new dungeons, and new bosses. The DLC will be priced at 10 dollars on PS3/360 and releases November 24th, with PC version said to be coming at the end of December.