“A single pure thought” is enough for Molyneux’s next game

I am almost positive that Peter Molyneux has perfected the art of talking out of ones ass. It’s a rare talent indeed, previously only mastered by Ace Ventura. The latest comment from Molyneux’s posterior is about his next game. In an interview (or street side mugging, I can’t tell, it’s kind of quick) he gave, he said that this game — possibly the same one that will revolutionize AI — the one coming out after Fable II which will literally blow our minds away with awesomeness according to him, will be based on “a single, pure thought and so simple that it’s actually far more terrifying…” More terrifying than what? Who knows, but I’m super terrified!

He went on to explain, after denying the interviewer anymore information about his pure thoughts, that previous games he made were crammed too full of stuff and that that doesn’t necessarily make a great game. Maybe this is why he’s been saying that Fable II has its flaws. He just crammed too much into the cooking pot. I will now make a logical jump, since I have stuck these two ideas together, and say that this pure thought will be flawless. Knowing Molyneux I’m sure he’d back me up if he wasn’t feeling so burned from all of the Fable blow back.