Activision announce Transformers and X-men movie tie-ins, new Spider-man and Family Guy games too

Admist the death of Guitar Hero, new Call of Duty developers and massive job cuts, Activision did actually manage to announce some games during its financial call. First up, as to be expected, is tie-ins for this Summer’s blockbuster films. Both Transformers: The Dark of the Moon and X-men: First Class will be getting videogame adaptions. What’s interesting is that both these franchises currently have other titles in development under the publisher with a War for Cybertron sequel and X-men Destiny. Will these games be affected?

As to be expected, there’s also a new Spider-man title headed our way this year, with Beenox at the helm once again. Plus the publishers are taking a stab at a new Family Guy game and a title based on the Wipeout TV show. There’s even a “new gaming universe” under wraps that’s to be announced at New York Toy Fair of all places.