Actual Noby Noby Boy gameplay footage will chill your soul

[gamevideos 23023]

Sweet Lord save us, this gameplay footage from Noby Noby Boy, the upcoming game from Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi, is even more disturbing than previously feared. This creature knows no mercy, clotheslining a hapless business man in the middle of his morning commute, devouring a little girl filled with love despite her losing battle with cancer, and even eating the re re little boy who decided hitch a ride on this nightmarish monstrosity.

And the worst part, they don’t just disappear into his rainbow-covered maw – you can still see them, writhing lumps of stolen dreams and broken promises, being slowly-digested by his brightly-colored stomach acid. I have seen the face of true evil, and it is Noby Noby Boy. He cannot be reasoned or bargained with. He cannot be killed. And he cannot be stopped.

Noby Noby Boy hits virtual store shelves early next year. Gorge hits the back of my throat now.