AdventurOS turns your computer’s files into explorable dungeons

Eveland Games, the developers behind Pixelry, are creating a new action/adventure ‘Metroidvania’ game in which your computer folders will be generated into dungeons and castles that you can explore.

Castles will differ depending on the types and content of your file.  As the narrator explains, your main goal is to kill creatures to set NPCs free so that you can progress to the next level of the castle.  These levels will be generated by the depths of your files.  For each tier in a folder, a new level in your castle will be created for you to conquer.

Personally, I’ve always found that ideas like these sound more interesting than they actually play.  Scribblenauts only held my interest for a few hours before I got bored.  But who knows?  I’ve got my fingers crossed, because it does sound cool.