Age of Conan bans big boobs

In an outrageous piece of censorship FunCom have nerfed their MMO Age of Conan by adjusting the breast size slider on the character creation page in order to limit players to more realistic proportions. Bah! If I want realism I’ll watch the news. This is a fantasy game and as such the women, by definition, must have unfeasibly large breasticles. Some players are even threatening to close their accounts if this case of nerfing is not withdrawn immediately. It is not clear if any of these players are women flavored.

Since its release last month, Age of Conan has taken the MMO community by storm, successfully netting more than 400,000 subscriptions in the first few days after its release and is shaping up to be a WoW killer. I spoke to an ex-WoWer who has now moved onto AoC and asked him why he switched: “Age of Conan has infinitely better graphics but mainly the potential for massive player vs player battles is far superior – i.e. between guilds, with siege warfare etc.

Of course it’s a new game and is a bit buggy, and needs more content, so you cannot compare the 2 games currently – WoW has many years of polishing behind it.”

Bizzard must be shivering in their boots.