Alders Blood available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch

It won’t be long now till Nintendo Switch and Steam players will be able to step into the penny dreadful world of Alders Blood, knives out and guns a blazing’. This victorian-western horror drops gamers in the thick of a heated battle between exiled hunters and monsters lead by “god,” a creature that looks like it stepped straight out of a Lovecraft novella. Horror isn’t horror without a pinch of cosmic these days. Whose complaining though, honestly?

alders blood Renoir dose

Much like what Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro had to offer gamers, Alders Blood isn’t stubborn about brute force and button mashing. Strategy is a must as you traverse the dark farms and forests of the world. Outwitting opponents and making use of team effort will help players progress more smoothly rather than taking the game head-on. Gamers will need to keep track of their energy as the characters will start to fatigue if overworked and keep their distance from monsters until a plan of attack is properly thought out. Managing items, tools, and weapons are skills players will need to master as the harsh world of Alders Blood doesn’t allow much room for second chances and opportunities for success are often limited to brains over bronze.

alders blood battle system

Even if tactical, turn-based games aren’t your thing, Alders Blood is worth checking out simply for the art style. The rouge hunters have a gothic flair to their western attire and attitude and with a demon god leering over the world, dark vibes are sure to put gamers on edge.

Alders Blood is available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch for $14.99/£13.49. This is 25% cheaper than what will end up being the normal price so if this is something you even remotely think you will want to play it’s worth the pre-order. The game is set to release on March 13 for the Switch and April 10th on Steam.

And, if you’re hungry to see what the full game will have to offer, check out the prologue, a free demo that can be downloaded on the Nintendo e-shop, available now.