Alien game not a tie-in — Creative Assembly

Although they do have a 20th Century Fox Alien license, Creative Assembly’s upcoming Alien game won’t be “tied to” the movies. That’s because studio director Timothy Heaton is not a big fan of movie tie-ins.

Says Heaton: “What we can say is that we understand that games that are time-constrained to be day-and-date with the movie are often flawed so it’s probably something that we wouldn’t really want to be tied to.”

That’s a good point from Heaton, of course. What makes bad movie-related games so abhorrent is usually a case of trying to make the game too much like the movie and getting away from what could actually be a good game. Hopefully with no movie to live up to, Creative Assembly can simply use the license to make a good game. This is kind of like what Atari did with the Ghostbusters license in 2009. We’d like to forget about Sanctum of Slime, however.