Alone in the Dark, A Chilling Scene…


Alone in the Dark should be a familiar name to fans of horror and suspense since its PC beginnings in 1992. The Alone in the Dark franchise has had its ups and downs, the lowest point being Uwe Boll’s film adaption staring Christian Slater as hero Edward Carnby. The series is being reborn on current generation systems, and looks to refine the horror genre which it created. With developer Eden Games at the helm of the PS3/Xbox 360 versions, main character Edward Carnby, will walk the edge of madness and maybe live to tell the tale.

Eden Games, the successful developer behind the open-world racer Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360/PC), is pulling out all the stops in order to make Alone in the Dark a frightful trip to hell. Over 843 free-roaming acres of Central Park, NY have been modeled in gorgeous high definition, an impressive feat for an action/horror title. Carnby is drawn to NYC and his motives are unknown. Last we saw Carnby, he was investigating the paranormal in 1920’s era New England. Eden Games is reluctant to spill all the beans, but Carnby’s relocation to current times is no accident; Alone in the Dark’s narrative will be wrought with Gothic elements and unbelievable scares. Sounds like Eden knows how to craft a suitably scary epic.

Blending open world exploration with tight, cinematic moments, Alone in the Dark promises to deliver gameplay “episodes” that expertly create tension and compel gamers to see what happens next. Gameplay will revolve around action and puzzle-solving, but don’t expect typical Resident Evil-style “find the Sword Key” puzzles. Instead, puzzles will be environmental, requiring Carnby to use his wits and tools to get by. For example, a dangling live-wire electrifies a sewer trough that you need to get by. Solution: physically manipulate a piece of plastic piping to secure the wire away from water. Similarly, you won’t find impassable doors; instead, find a fire ax or something heavy to ram the door down. Alone in the Dark wants puzzles to flow organically, creating a seamless cinematic experience.

Horror games don’t come along often, and Alone in the Dark’s legacy could work both for and against this newest entry. This game certainly has a great bloodline and Eden Games looks like they’re giving the series a proper jump-start on current consoles. Despite being delayed often, a possible May or June 2008 release is expected. Don’t miss this cinematic romp through hell.