Alvastia Chronicles gets physical


In my humble opinion, we don’t value collecting like we used to. Now that we’ve moved into a largely digital age, we don’t place as much emphasis on having things as we should. Don’t get me wrong, we all have collections, but these are no longer things that we can have and hold, they’re invisible until we flick on our screens. Personally, I’m pretty old school when it comes to collecting and I have quite an extensive library of games, not in a list through Steam sitting neatly on the shelf next to me. With this being said, it’s always nice to see a new or even existing title get a physical release and this is the case with Alvastia Chronicles, the game we’ll be discussing today.



Alvastia Chronicles by Kemco has been made available as a physical package via the folks over at Limited Run Games. It’s landing for PS4 at the standard price of $29.99. RPG lovers out there may well want this one in their collection as it actually sounds rather good.

Alvastia Chronicles centers around the characters of Elmia, a priestess, and her brother and protector, Alan. Having found the man responsible for your parents’ deaths ten years prior to the beginning of the tale, you set out to avenge them and stem the tide of monsters flooding into the upper world and thus restore peace to Alvastia.

To succeed in your mission, you will find yourself in need of an army. This will be comprised of a diverse group of champions all with the same goals as your own. With this being said, you will be able to collect more than 100 companions as you travel and use them to create parties of up to 13 playable characters at a time. To survive your ordeal, you’ll need several elite teams to take on the toughest foes out there.

Interestingly, this isn’t just a game about you placing your favorite companions together in the hopes of victory. As you go, you’ll unlock bonds which will give your champions bonuses such as additional attack or exp. This means that certain character combinations will work better than others. Aside from this, you’ll also gain team skills which will allow you to level the battlefield with powerful combos called burst strikes.

Alvastia Chronicles will give you the unlocks and upgrades found in many RPGs, but in addition to your usual quests, you will also have a battle arena to utilize. This sort of thing is great for longevity and just adds to the level of choice the game is giving you, which can only be a good thing.

If you fancy adding a new RPG to the list of favorites lining your shelves, you know exactly what to do. Get your copy and get playing.