leaks info on 250GB model of Xbox 360

Sony got all this attention and fervor leading up to their big announcement of the new PS3 Slim, and most of it was completely accidental. From leaked newspaper ad scans to online store listings, it was an awful lot of free and good publicity for the company. Well, I guess felt bad for Microsoft and decided to spill some beans on a new Xbox 360 SKU that will be housing a 250GB hard drive. The link’s since been removed, but the bundle also included two wireless controllers, and Forza Motorsport 3. You’ll see the ad lists a price of €279.99, which translates stateside to about $400, so while it’d push us back up to that price, it does put you there with a second controller, which you’d probably buy anyway, and a game, which in Europe is worth ~$100 on its own. Plus the larger HD, which they will probably sell for an absurdly marked up amount, so I guess it’s not too bad a deal.

A similar deal with a 250GB HDD is apparently also happening in South Africa, so hopefully it’s true, even.