Amplitude co-founder establishes all new development studio

Co-founder of Amplitude studios, Mathieu Girard, has officially announced the creation of an all new game development studio, Tactical Adventures. Girard is an industry vet with several big projects under his belt such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and R.U.S.E., as well as Endless Space and its sequel. While Girard has found success creating titles that have gone on to sell millions of copies, Tactical Adventures represents a whole new goal for him and his team.

Tactical Adventures

Tactical Adventures is a collection of industry vets all collaborating on the ambitious project of realizing the tactical role playing game of their dreams. The Tactical Adventures team is hitting the ground running and attempting to recreate the feeling and excitement of a true tabletop RPG into the videogame world. While RPGs have existed in the gaming space nearly as long as the medium has been around, there’s still a very large gap from the table to the screen.

In the first undertaking by the new developers, they are crafting a tactics-based RPG. This game comes from taking great inspiration from games like XCom and Baldur’s Gate as well as the 5th edition rule set from the iconic Dungeons & Dragons. The studio is promising to mechanically evolve the genre in ways that have yet to be seen, in order to assure the real tabletop feel of their first effort.

“When I decided to leave Amplitude Studios for new adventures, it was obvious to me that I needed to make my oldest dream come true and develop the deepest, most immersive and most accessible tactical RPG,” Mathieu Girard explained. Tactical Adventures is certainly setting the bar high and shooting for the moon with their first game. More details about the studio and game can be found at their official website. There are also a few job postings available for all of those tabletop fans out there that want to assist in this monumental undertaking.