Angry Birds Rio available now for mobile

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Finally, a movie tie-in game that won’t suck. Angry Birds Rio, developed in conjunction with the upcoming animated Fox film Rio (which releases April 15), was launched today on both App Stores (Apple and Amazon, who are a feudin’ and a fussin’ over the name as we speak) for iOS and Android devices. If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, seriously, what is wrong with you? You really haven’t…okay. Settle down, Warren. Angry Birds has you slingshotting birds of different sizes and skills at wood, stone and glass (or is it ice?) houses occupied by malevolent pigs that you’re currently at war with to get back your eggs. It’s a delightful, cripplingly addictive game that has seen many iterations since its debut.

This new release features two “episodes” for a total of 60 brand new levels, with episodic updates based on the flick coming throughout the year. The story’s tweaked this time around to tie into the movie: the Angry Birds have been kidnapped in Rio and break out in order to save their entangled avian brethren, Blu and Jewel, the stars of the 3D movie. You’re also not fighting the pigs this time in order to get back your eggs, but instead the “smugglers” who have taken your bird buddies hostage. If you’re an Angry Birds junkie looking for you next fix, this will help stave off the shakes.