Another PlayStation HD update on track for E3?

We still have a long list of games we want to see receive a HD lick of paint, similar to that of the God of War Collection or Sly Trilogy. Looks like we’ll be able to cross another one off come E3 though; rumors are spreading round that a major PlayStation franchise will be revealed for the HD Classics line-up in June.

PSM3 magazine stated in its latest issue: “The current trend of classic games being remade in HD like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia is set to continue with a major PS franchise set to reveal its new HD glory at E3. No clues. But you’ll like it.”

We’ve had the God of War games, the ICO Collection is coming, as well as Resident Evil 4, so what’s left? Why, our dear old friend Snake of course. We hate to give ourselves false hope, but it’s the only essential trilogy left to be updated. Of course we couldn’t scoff at Jak or Ratchet collections either.